Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fitting "IN"...

Have you ever felt alone? Unaccepted? Unwanted? Like you don't fit in? I know there was a point of my life where I felt these negative feelings everyday.  There are times where things feelings and thoughts would come back to haunt me but im a different now.  I learned to understand these moments and the people in my life.
It’s weird that we can be around people we think we know and yet feel that we don't belong. Pushed away by an invisible barrier called “cliques”. We all see them: cliques. A group of people, a bond of friends where they know who they want to hang out with and who they don't. This type of people can be good though. Everyone’s basic desire is to feel accepted, to belong and a “cliques” can provide that but if you are outside of the social group it does the opposite to you. You start feel unwanted and alone amongst a crowd.

So how do we fit in? How do we stand out so people want to hangout with you? Well, you can’t do anything. Ironically, we seek attention to the people who don't matter and push away those who do. Don't for the attention from those who barely notice you, be grateful to the friends that already notice the greatness in you.  Ultimately, we are not eager to find acceptance of others but from ourselves. This lays the true test of strength, a test where your happiness lays. Unfortunately, we seek the validation of ourselves in others because to fail the see the good in ourselves. Two of the hardest things to do in life are these: find good in others and finding good in ourselves. Fitting “in” begins by loving yourself completely and finding the people who see the good in you. Don't waste your time with people you neglect to notice you. Learn to be a good friend to you first then learn to be a good friend to others. Those who matter will welcome you with open arms and give you the feeling of being accepted and love.

“People will walk in and out in your life. Continue to walk forward and those who matter will walk in and walk with you” –jon jon-

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